It’s Only Temporary

I’ve lived many lives. No, I’m not referring to past lives, though I have been fortunate enough to learn quite a bit about my soul from past life regressions. What I’m talking about is living many lives in this life. If you think about how many jobs you’ve had, friends, family, etc. it’s enough to feel as though you’ve lived a thousand lifetimes.

I set out on this journey called life 38 years ago. After a tumultuous childhood I began my career teaching  ballroom dance at prestigious schools. Along with my partner Willem, I competed in American Rhythm something I could only dream about. I moved to New York City, starred in Off -Broadway plays, appeared in television shows and in horrible horror films no one ever saw. I lived with my best friend in Midtown West on the twenty-seventh floor of a luxury high rise while being terrified of elevators. I was an office manager for a plastic surgeon, learning more about breasts, liposuction, fillers and botox you could ever want to know. I went to film school at thirty with a class of 18-25 year olds. And as if all that wasn’t super fun, I was fired by my biological father, AND employed by a company that was raided by the FBI…twice!  I started my production company, made films, wrote books and screenplays, met the love of my life in the theater, got married and had a super cute baby. Many times throughout my journey I thought the end was near and I would never survive the change. I’ve been fired more times than President Trump has lied. I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me numerous times and yet I get up, and dust myself off. I remember that when the chips are down and all looks bleak, this too shall pass.

Most recently I experienced another life altering change. All the same questions came to mind that plague anyone involved in a crisis. “What the fuck am I going to do now?” Everyone whom I spoke to at that time said the same thing,” Don’t worry. It’s only temporary.” While my intuition told me this was the truth, the reality of my situation did very little to calm my nerves. How long is temporary? While I struggled with this question I realized it was time for action not reflection.

Refusing to fall down, I dusted off my big girl pants as I had done many times before and got to work. As the months passed I slowly began reinventing myself, my business and my life. I did a spring cleaning of epic proportions. I eliminated the toxic people in my world who for so many years did nothing but keep my energy choked off with their negativity.  As a result of my new found freedom, I rebranded my business, started additional businesses, wrote two books (to be released in March 2018) changed living situations, and created this blog which you are reading now.  It is utterly amazing the unlimited power we have when we put our minds to something. As I battled through each obstacle paving a new path, I remembered something very important; life is always changing, and adaptability is the key to surviving it. Who we were yesterday is not who we are today and who we are today is not who we are going to be tomorrow.

As we go through our lives we begin understand that to reinvent ourselves is to embrace the unknown and face it head on. While it can seem downright terrifying, all these lives we live during one lifetime adds to the complexity of our character and the richness of the earth experience. We are inventors, creators, observers, scientists and philosophers all in one single journey. We have to have our hearts broken to appreciate love, and our loves lost to appreciate the frailty of human existence.

While life can bring with it a multitude of experiences both good and bad, we must always remember that it is truly what we make of it. For as sure as the sun rises and sets, the wheel of fortune will turn. The lesson the universe is trying to teach us is that while we may be rich or poor, sick or healthy, loved or lonely, this wonderful gift called life that we have been given is in fact only temporary.



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