Obsession Is An Ugly Thing

Tales Of A Psychic JunkieI am a survivor.  I had a sickness.  An addiction.  I couldn’t stop it from happening because I was doing it for so long.  It plagued my daydreams and haunted me at night.

I was a psychic junkie.

It’s so sad I know but it’s the truth.  I have spent thousands of dollars in psychic readings all because of one teeny tiny thing… I have to know.

I come from a toxic father and grew up in an emotionally abusive environment.  I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me so many times I am quite frankly scared to death of the unknown.

I had a hard time living in the moment and an even harder time waiting for life to just unfold.  I’ve read more spiritual books, inspirational poems and new age theories than I can even remember.

So hence in order to get ahead of my fear of the other shoe dropping I became obsessed with psychics.  Now over the years this has tempered off, but there was a time when I would talk to them for HOURS a day.  Actually I spent more time talking about what might happen in my life than actually living it.

The irony in all of this is every single time I could get on the phone with a psychics one of the first things they would day was, “You are very psychic yourself, you really don’t need me.”

As soon as I heard this I would go off.  “Of course I fucking need you! Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t listen to my intuition. I can’t possibly do that. No, no, no I want you to tell me what is going to happen.”

Thankfully I have mastered this terrible affliction that plagued me for a good fifteen years.  What it has left me with is a keen sense on how to smell bullshit, an appreciation for living in the moment and the realization that nobody knows a damn thing.

Tales Of A Psychic Junkie is my experience navigating the waters of my own spiritual journey, what I loved, what I lost, and what I learned.  On the rollercoaster of life there is nothing more important than trusting yourself and I was about to discover why…







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