When They Get It Right

Tales Of A Psychic Junkie 4

April, 2004

“Little doll, you are never gonna believe the woman I saw at this psychic fair.”  My petite little Aunt Bee squeaked at me.  “She was amazing.  I didn’t have to tell her anything and she just kept throwing things out to me.  Little Doll, she was scary.  Everything she was saying was right on the money.  I want to take you to her for a reading.”

My eyes lit up in the way Ralphies did in a Christmas Story when he thought of the Red Ryder BB Gun.  “You’ll shoot your soul out.” whispered my spirit guide Paeli.  I chuckled at his wit and without another thought readily agreed.

Two weeks later we were on our way to see *Donna in the Bronx.  “I can’t wait to see what she tells you.”

We pulled the car into an empty spot right off the street and walked to the quaint apartment building.

Donna answered the door.  Her hair was begging for a vacation from is brassy red eighties up do, she had really bad skin and wreaked of cigarette smoke.  “Hi, welcome.  Come on in.”  We entered her one bedroom apartment and was immediately seated at a brown wooden kitchen table.  On the table was a timer and a deck of regular playing cards.

“Who would like to go first?” Donna said sweetly.  She was really very nice.  My Aunt volunteered me.  “Great” said Donna.  “Think about you and where you are in your life.  When you feel ready say stop.”  I nodded as she began to shuffle the cards.

“Stop.” I said.  Donna laid the cards out in three piles.  “Pick one.”

I chose the deck on the left.  “Okay” she said as she laid the cards out in a spread very unfamiliar to me.  “Now I also hear spirit so I will tell you things I hear as well as what the cards are showing.” I nodded.  Everything was silent for a moment, then:

“Who’s Jennifer?” was the first thing out of her mouth.  My skin crawled.  it was like someone walked over my grave.

“Deceased or living? I mumbled.

“Deceased.” was the reply

“My sister.” I choked out.  My Aunt grabbed my leg.  I could tell that even she wasn’t prepared for that one.

“She wants to talk about your boyfriend.” explained Donna

My boyfriend.  My lying, cheating, egomaniacal boyfriend.  I had been up and down about him for months.  At the time I was convinced he was the love of my life.  He had betrayed and deceived me so many times yet I couldn’t find the courage to leave him.  I figured I would stick it out.  There had to be some way to fix it.  Maybe Jennifer was going to tell me how.

“She wants you to know that this really isn’t the guy for you.”  Cue the violins.

My Aunt shot up excitedly.  She had been trying to convince me to move on for months.

“Little doll.  They’re crossing over to tell you to get rid of this guy.”

Donna nodded, still messing around with the cards.  “There is someone much better for you.  His name starts with the initial J.  He’s a writer. Joe.  His name is Joe.  You will meet him in December.”

As we drove back home, my Aunt and I shared our thoughts on what we had just experienced.  The creepiest being my sister’s appearance.

“You heard what she said about Mark.”  squeaked my Aunt.  I nodded. “Just think” she continued “You have Joe to look forward to.”

“I live in Manhattan.  You can throw a rock and hit a Joe.”  My Aunt just shrugged.

I would continue to speak with Donna for many years.  Most of her predictions came to pass, including Joe …  a screenwriter, who I did meet in December …  December 7th 2008.  I am still married to Joe to this day and we have an adorable baby boy.  Some people truly have a gift.


*Names are changed to protect identity.




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