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The Liar, the Bitch and the BJ: Part 1

Our story begins in a little town above Mexico called Los Angeles.  It is here that Matt (my now very ex-boyfriend)  meets a girl we will call *Brigit.  While the details of Brigit and Matt are not important, what is important was how I found out about them. It was 10am and Matt should have been on a flight back home.  I hadn't heard a word from him since 4pm the day before. I called his ... Read the Post

While Matt slept (albeit not well) he had no idea that this little "situation" was far from over as a matter of fact, the wrath of the Psychic Junkie had only just begun ...

To See or Not to See … What Is Your Question?

I paced the large windows of my Upper East Side Apartment.  God bless NYC the city that never sleeps, otherwise I might be feeling insecure about my three a.m. pacing. Where is he? I thought. I had been living with my boyfriend Matt for the last year and he had developed this very interesting habit of having multiple "guys nights" beginning on Thursday and ending somewhere in the wee hours ... Read the Post

Trying not to be the over controlling psychotic girlfriend who doesn't "trust" her boyfriend I didn't protest. I couldn't let Matt see me as insecure.  I was the cool girlfriend remember? No, rather than be categorized as crazy,  I did what I do best...called a psychic.

A Strange Prediction

During my limited time in college I became drawn to ballroom dancing.  I tell everyone I've ever spoken to that ballroom dancing saved my life, and I maintain that fact to this very day.  I taught at many prestigious schools throughout my early twenties.  As part of the packages sold to customers, a Friday night dance was included.  it was a time where students could put into action what they had ... Read the Post

As I walked down the stairs to the garage it hit me.  That was the box!!  Leigh had seen me stuck in the elevator!