A Strange Prediction

Blog Post 5

During my limited time in college I became drawn to ballroom dancing.  I tell everyone I’ve ever spoken to that ballroom dancing saved my life, and I maintain that fact to this very day.  I taught at many prestigious schools throughout my early twenties.  As part of the packages sold to customers, a Friday night dance was included.  it was a time where students could put into action what they had learned.

While at one of the Friday night dances I was approached by a rather odd little women with a sweet smile.  She said her name was *Leigh and she was working at the studio because she was staying with the owners.  I nodded.  She then began to tell me I had great energy.  Anyone who begins talking about energy immediately gets my attention.  She was an intuitive and offered to give me a reading.

Hmmm. Let me think about this. ummm yes!  I followed her into the coat room where she took my hand and began.  She didn’t say much of anything until…

“I see you in a box sort of thing.  It has something to with the number nine.”

“A box?  Like a pine box?” I quipped.

Leigh shook her head.  “No I don’t see physical death.  But it feels like something … I don’t know a metal box?  yeah is metal for sure.  It’s strange.”

I thanked Leigh for her reading.  Lost in my thoughts I ran right into my boss Diane, on the stairs.   She looked at me, then saw Leigh on her cellphone in the lobby.  “Oh did Leigh give you one of her psycho readings?”

There is that comparison again.  I nodded.  “Keep your guard up with that one.  She’s not firing on all cylinders if you know what I mean.”

“Oh I’m not going to be friends with her.”

Diane stared at me.  “Just be careful.”

On my way back to the city I couldn’t help but run Leighs prediction through my head over and over.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what she saw or how to interpret it.  I decided to sleep on it.  Maybe the answer would come in the morning.

The next morning as I was rushing to work I decided to take the elevator as opposed to the stairs which I prefer because I am scared of elevators.The doors opened and a nice man was in there with his laundry.  We smiled at each other and I got in.  We began descending.  The elevator stopped on the ninth floor for another person.  Only that person never got in.   The door opened for a quick second jammed back an forth possessed by some strange force, then slammed close.

We weren’t moving.  We were stuck.  I dropped to my knees and hit the call button.  Immediately I heard the front desk.  “Is everyone okay in the elevator?”

“No we are not fucking okay.” I  screeched.  “We are stuck!”

“Okay hang on.  We will have you out in a minute.” he replied

The man in the elevator was very calm … unlike me.  “Do you want to sit on my laundry bag.  Just breathe. It will be okay.”

I sat on the bag and started practicing my breathing.

“Have you ever been stuck in one of these before?” I asked between exhales.

“A few times in my life. But they don’t bother me.” he replied.

“What are you like an elevator operator or something?”

He laughed.  “No, I’m a stuntman.”

“A stuntman?” I perked up. “So can’t you get us out of here?”

He laughed again.  “I doesn’t work like that.  I’m John.”  he extended his hand.

“Angie.  Have you worked on anything I might have seen?”

“We just finished 2 Fast to 2 Furious.”

My ears perked up.  I knew my angels must be with me.  I had a healthy obsession with Paul Walker like most women my age.  Talk about insta calm.  Love my spirit guides.

For the next ten minutes we talked about movies, working on set and all the things I love including Paul.

Suddenly the car stated moving again.  I jumped off the laundry bag with joy.  The light hit “L” and the doors opened.  Two maintenance men greeted us with an Out Of Order sign.

One of the doormen was there too to make sure we were okay.  Really great service in this luxury manhattan high rise.  Me and  John parted ways … as friends.

As I walked down the stairs to the garage it hit me.  That was the box!!  Leigh had seen me stuck in the elevator!  And the number 9 was the floor we were stuck on.

I called Leigh immediately and told her.  We agreed to meet for coffee that evening to discuss.  I didn’t think Leigh was a psycho at all as a matter of fact, this marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship … at least for a little while…


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