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A Hollywood Tale

Our newest tale hails from the year 1974 when a film crew loaded in on a small island off the coast of Massachusetts known as Martha's Vineyard. Now how did the psychic junkie come to hear this tale you ask? How else?  On one of my late night psychic binges, I came across a woman named  Jody on Keen.  She told me she was the daughter of a famous Salem Witch. I can't remember what the reading ... Read the Post

"I hate to bust up your pity party, but you're dead wrong about him." She said with quiet confidence. The crew members went silent. "Not only is this movie going to be successful, but this man will be one of the most successful directors of our time."

The Liar, the Bitch and the BJ: Part II

"He's lying," Said Scarlett without so much as a pause.  "Whatever line of crap he is giving you ... it is all a lie." It had been two days since my boyfriend Matt came back from LA with a little secret that with the help of my psychic Scarlet and my best friend was being slowly revealed. I looked at the number written on my notepad.  Brigit.  I could call her and find out what really ... Read the Post

"Steph.  Who cares.  She is one on a long list of many.  I know you are hoping that somehow you can led the charge on the "I am Woman" movement but you might be in for a bigger fight then you anticipate."