Be Careful Who You Trust

Tales Of A Psychic Junkie 4.jpegMy whole life I have attracted needy people who do nothing more than drain my precious energy.  Having this spirit of always wanting to help or take care of people led me attract strays. We are all like this in some ways, especially if we are givers.  Givers by nature attract takers, so we must be super careful to make sure that we don’t allow toxic people to slip in under the radar because we are so blinded by our need to help or save them.

It is not just intimate relationships that bring these people.  Toxic people can come in all different forms: a parent, teacher, employer, friend, lover or partner.  I have had so many one-sided toxic friendships, it was almost comical.  Whenever anyone entered my life, it was just a matter of time before their true colors (and motives) would become clear, and I was desperately trying to figure out how to rid myself of the trash.

A few years back I had come to meet a woman who had just broken up with her boyfriend, and was in the midst of a horrifying fight with her best friend.  She asked if I would want to meet her in midtown for lunch and thinking we had a bit in common as we were both actresses, I went.  The entire time all she did was complain to me about her friend and how mean she was, etc.  I was okay with it, because 1, people need to vent. 2. They always seem to feel like venting to me (must be my face) and 3. We all have moments when our friends piss us off.  It doesn’t’ mean we don’t love them, it means we are simply annoyed at the very human thing our friend may have done.

I didn’t’ think much of it and went on my way.  Over the next few weeks this young lady was attached to me like flies on shit.  She called me every day.  We met for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks (even though I don’t drink) I saw more of her than I did my own reflection and being a Leo and often times very vain, that is saying a lot.  I started to notice that every single time we hung out she would bad mouth people.

Feeling uneasy about this fledgling new relationship, I found myself sitting in a small boutique shop on the lower east side getting a reading.

The woman before me shuffled the Tarot and laid out my cards.

“You must be careful who you trust.  All around you are not friends.  Make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s because otherwise you may find something you have given is lost”


Hmmm. I thought.

“There is someone (a woman) around you who feigns friendship because she wants something from you.  She continued

“What does she want?”  I asked

“It looks like she wants you to help her in some way.  It will be revealed to you in time, but be careful.  She is not a woman who chooses her words wisely.  Slander and gossip fall from her tongue easily.  She is surface, nothing lies beneath.  Vapid and self-centered.  This is not someone you want to have in your life and if you persist the Universe will remove her.”

I thanked the woman for the reading and went about wandering the streets of NY for the next two hours pondering what she had told me.

A few days later that young women finally asked me.

“I am writing a screenplay.  I was hoping you would direct it.”

Now this wasn’t a horrible request, as at the time I was always looking for new projects.  So I set off without another thought, or a contract.

For weeks we worked on her project. I rewrote her horribly written screenplay into something interesting and compelling.  All seemed to be well until one day I just stopped hearing from her.  She would not answer any calls or emails.  This parasite that had become another appendage on my already slight frame had all but amputated herself from my life.  It was as if she’d just dropped off the face of the earth.

Months went by before I understood what had happened.  This young lady had taken what we had worked on together and shopped it around to another director.  She then proceeded to bad mouth me to everyone she met, many of whom told me about it albeit it months after.  I was devastated.  What had I done?  Where had I gone wrong?  Then, I remembered:

“You must be careful who you trust.  All around you are not friends.  Make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s because otherwise you may find something you have given is lost”

There it was.  I had not heeded a warning that came to me almost six months before I had made that stupid error.  We all attract people into our lives who are not always the best for us.  We tend to know it immediately, but rarely listen. There are a few things you can do to rid yourself of toxic energy when you find yourself overwhelmed by it.   I’ve written about a few of them in ,7 Home Remedies for Clearing Toxic Energy.  I find that these work wonders and can help gear you to the right vibrational matches.

I had learned a lot from this experience.  From that point on this psychic junkie was no longer going to simply trust anyone… I was going to learn this lesson, although it would take me many years to actually get the hang of it and I am still no where near mastering it.

Keep Seeking,





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