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shutterstock_1826954.jpgIt often happens in this wonderful world of intimate connections, that we meet someone whom, be it on the internet, or in person, we fall instantly.  It’s like this person just stepped out of our dreams with all the details of the perfect mate.  Their pearly white teeth sparkle in the sunlight, their eyes gleam, they say the right things…they are just perfect.

One day many moons ago, I was introduced to such a creature.  He was tall, handsome, and very charming.  He was not pompous, or pretentious and seemed to be very sincere in all our conversations.  I joked a few times to my best friend saying, “There must be something wrong with him.”

Ignoring my intuition, I continued this relationship with *Paul.  I would often stay over at his place, a rather cozy little condo at 15 Central Park West.  If you have never been to 15 Central Park West, google it, I assure you it’s quite something to behold.  He took me to all the best restaurants, plays, parties, and private events I would otherwise never have been to.  I felt like a princess in a whirlwind fairytale romance that was almost too good to be true.

Now looking back, there was of course some very suspicious behavior, but it was nothing that I really paid much attention to.  When it comes to matters of the heart, I was more La vie en rose, and it was going to take quite a punch in the gut to get those rose colored glasses off.

Almost a year into our relationship, I had the fortunate good sense to go see my usual psychic Gina.  Gina was always very straightforward with me, which I very much appreciated.

“He’s hiding something from you.” She said with finite confidence.

I twisted my face in a scowl.  There was nothing worse than hearing what I didn’t want to hear.

“Who?” I questioned, completely ruling out Paul in my utopia of my mind.

“This guy you are with.  First initial P.”


“He’e leading some kind of double life or something.  He’s in love with you, but I feel a lot of deception around him.  Things that will become clear to you very soon.  You need to be careful.  I feel like this news you’re going to get is gonna devastate you.”

Fuck, fuck. fuck.

I thanked Gina for the reading and went on my way.  In my usual fashion I began talking myself out of her prediction.  Not everything she ever told me came true right?  She was right a few times.  Okay most of the time but who was counting?  When it came to me and Paul, there was no possible way she could be right.  He was my American Dream.”

“I have to show you something and I don’t want you to flip out.”

Why do people always preface bad news with that kind of headline?   I’m a Leo, with Leo in Mars, and Venus, as a matter of fact, six of my nine planets are in fire signs.  Of course I’m going to flip out!

“I was in the Hamptons this weekend with Alan, and we went to this white party.  Ang, Paul was there.”

“So?” I said. ” I already know about this.  He told me he had a work event out there.”

“No Ang.  He was there with his wife.”

I choked on my coffee.

“That’s impossible.  He’s not married.”

Stephie nodded her head.  “The minute Alan told me that was his wife I went to talk to her.  Her name is Lorraine, they’ve been married for fifteen years.  She spends most of the time living at their house in Palm Springs with their four children.”

I dropped my coffee cup.  It shattered. ” Four Children??!! No. There’s some kind of mistake.”

“It’s all true. She showed me pictures on her phone.  She was actually very nice.  I don’t think she has any clue about you.”

“Did he see you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah.  I made it my business to make eye contact with him while I was talking to Lorraine.  He tried to corner me at the bar later on, but Alan rescued me.  He said he could explain,  I told him to fuck off.”

That was the end of the line for me and Paul.  He confessed that he was leading a double life.  He was having trouble in his marriage…the trouble being that he was married.  I  couldn’t believe the lengths he had gone to to deceive me.  The bachelor pad with no sign of wife or family.  The trips, dinners, dates, promises, a second cell phone which his wife knew nothing about.  It was all too much to bear.  My American Dream had turned out to be an America Psycho.  I broke it off with Paul, got his wife’s number from Alan and told her everything.

Two years later Paul was officially divorced and I was sitting back in front of Gina learning for the first time that the man I was gonna marry was named Joe.  He was a writer, and I was going to meet him in December.  Seeing as it was already October, this Psychic Junkie had only two short months to put the past behind her and get ready to meet Joe.



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