Live Through Your Heart


My most recent foray into the world of the unknown was via a lovely woman we’ll call Kayla.  As per usual, I was pacing restlessly in my home, jonesing for a psychic fix.  As I’ve gotten older, my time between readings has gotten significantly shorter.  Perhaps this is due to my new found trust of my own gift, or my refusal to pay the ridiculous fees often associated with sub par talent.

So here I was, on a full moon no less, searching for answers.  The minute I heard Kayla’s melodic voice on the other end of the phone I knew I had made the right choice.

“Hello my dear, what can I do for you today?”

I immediately launched into a laundry list of things I felt I needed answers to.  Lately the list had been growing longer and longer, so naturally I felt out of breath when finally finished.

“My darling girl.  The universe is challenging you to live through your heart.”

What? I thought.  What does that mean?  I just poured my soul out onto the table for your clairaudient ears and this is the conclusion you come to?

“I know your life has been one that has not been easy.  Your road has been fraught with traumatic life events that you have had a rather hard time dealing with.  You fear they will never end, but they will.  You need to clean house honey.  Get rid of any toxic energy surrounding you, and there is quite a bit of that, cut those chords and move on.  Where you’re going, you won’t miss any of it.  You get the idea?

I got the idea.

“You need to learn to live through your heart.  Do what makes you happy.  Only surround yourselves with those that bring you joy.  Detach from the drama of life and immerse yourself in your passion.  Forgive and forget the past.  The time is now, to rise up and become who you are destined to be.  The Universe not only supports it, they demand it.

“That’s a tough pill to swallow, and quite a bit of added pressure”. I thought

“Honey, when we die, and we all finally go to the other side, no one there cares how much money we had, how insta-famous we were, how many parties we went to, how many people liked us on FB or how many phony baloney friendships we had, all they wanna know is how much did you love?  Did you give it?  Did you get it? Did you spread it. ”

Did you give it, did you get it, did you spread it for a brief moment in my sick, twisted mind reminded me of a PSA for an STD.  My mind started going in all directions when I heard Kaylas sweet voice…

“Are you still there dear?  Did I lose you?”

“No, not at all, my thoughts were temporarily hijacked I’m back.”

“Happens to all of us.  Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, you were great.  Many thanks for your help.”

We hung up and I rated her five stars on Keen.

There was something about this reading that sat deeply with me.  So often we focus on things that are really not important.  We get hurt, upset, offended and angry at things that are not really deserving of our precious energy.  And we become consumed with  having to be better, smarter, richer, more “popular” rather than stopping for a moment to look and appreciate all the wonderful things this life has given us… like the ability to breathe for example.

I’ve since shifted my focus dramatically.  Every day I try to remember to focus on the most important thing and perhaps the ONLY thing that is even real: LOVE.

Give It, Get It, Spread It,



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