I can give you names

My most recent psychic reading had me unbelievably impressed.  It’s hard to impress me, as I’ve had so many readings the bar is set ridiculously high.  Yet three days ago, during a general reading, *Madame Whitney was going through some amazing events destined to happen in the coming months.  I was overcome with joy.  It appeared that the universe was about to give ma huge break.  Through all my elation, however, came a warning.

You have people around you who are not your friends.  They are jealous, insecure, and immature.  They spread vicious rumors, and gossip and their intentions are not honorable.  High school personalities.  Like they never really grew up.”

I thought about this for a moment.  My long time friends definitely did not fit this description.  Okay, maybe one, but I hadn’t spoken to her for almost a year.  On the other hand,  there were a few new people who had come into my life that would definitely fit this category.

She continued,” Addie, it is advisable that you don’t trust people easily in this current time.  There is no doubt that people can reach at any level to gain an advantage on their behalf.  Hence you should be taking the time to get to know people in the most genuine way.  With all that is coming your way you must choose your friends wisely.  I implore you to do this.”


“I can see that, but is there any way you could tell me any more information?  There are so many people that fall into that category, it would take days to try and figure out whom specifically you are warning me about.”

I was fully expecting her to give me the lecture on how she is not good with names or timeframes but the person she sees has dark hair, blah, blah, blah.

“I can give you names if you wish.”

“That would be awesome.” I said, a bit thrown off by my own expectations.

“*Shelly and *Tina.”

Jaw. Dropped.  These were the two I was thinking, but I NEVER guessed she would pull their exact names out of the ethers.

“Stay away from these bottom feeders.  They are nothing but troublemakers.  You need genuine people with good hearts and intentions to surround yourself with.  This is so important because we are energetic beings of light who respond to positive and negative circumstances.  And the truth is Addie, you have so many wonderful people in your life.  It’s just your issue with your father that keeps you stuck in a rut, trying to get people who don’t deserve you to love you.”

Whoa! Gut punch.  The truth always has a way of doing that doesn’t it?

I nodded my head.  I wasn’t surprised in the least but I was definitely disappointed.  While I liked these two individuals,  I’d learned enough through my experiences to know that these kinds of energy vampires are nothing but trouble.

If you could see the energetic exchange, when someone sends you a negative thought, a small black dart shoots out of their aura and hooks into yours, like a little claw.  From there, it feeds on your energy giving that person your precious life force, while simultaneously draining it from you.  You feel tired, weak, angry and upset after spending time with these people and you might notice you always get migraines.  If I get more than two migraines while in the company of certain people, I know my body is sending me a message.

After my reading with Madame Whitney, I made a decision; it was time for the Psychic Junkie to learn from past errors, and instead of giving these two the benefit of the doubt, trying to save them, teach them the right way, or kill them with kindness, love and positivity, I was going to WALK away.

Madame Whitney was right, I have so many positive people in my life, and I need to give them my attention and love to them.  So I spun on my blue Manolos and cut both those losers off.  Because sometimes in life, you are just too old for that shit.

Keep Seeking,



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