How to Cure an Energy Hangover

You were out on a date, or out with a friend. By all accounts, it seemed as though you had a good night.  You felt a bit tired, but you figured it must be due to the demands placed on you at work.  The next morning, you open your eyes and immediately sense something is wrong.  You feel as though someone hit you in the head with a baseball bat. You try to get out of bed, but can’t.  Your head feels heavy, not quite a headache, it’s a feeling that drops you back onto your pillow for some much-needed rest.  This my dear friends, is an energy hangover, and it is not fun.

How do we get such a thing?  Simple.  Psychic Vampires.  They are absolutely everywhere.  We work for them, date them, hang out with them, and yes in some cases, we are born to them.  Simply put, they are human beings who suck off the life-force energy of their unsuspecting victims.  Vampires are not just mere soul suckers, they unload their toxic energy as well.  Spending any time with them will eventually make you tired, confused, sick, and emotionally drained. Even if you’ve only spent a short amount of time with them, it might take you quite a while to heal.  Not only have they drained you of your precious life-force, but they have dumped an enormous amount of toxic energy that will need to be cleansed in order for you to heal.

So what should you do?  Don’t go running to a healer, as many of them are also vampires and so this will just send you into an endless cycle of energy loss.  Never underestimate your own power to heal and to take care of your precious energy fields.  Here are some things taught to me by countless psychics. While there were many things suggested to me by countless psychics, I am only sharing with you the ones that WORK. I use these regularly to make sure I keep myself free from toxic cording and drainage.

WATER WITH LEMON: I have channeled this cure so many times, I feel like spirit is tired of telling me.  The single best drink for a detox of the energetic system is water with lemon. It also helps with depression and anxiety which is a plus in this fast paced, high energy, technology-run world we now live in.

NO CAFFEINE OR COFFEE:  Any kind of coffee, even decaf, which has caffeine  As it is highly stimulating, it will cause you to crash harder than on a regular day.  This can send you right back into bed for a longer period than necessary.   Caffeine should be avoided until you are feeling better.

NO SUGAR: Few things can really disrupt your body like sugar.  I’m not talking about fructose, as a matter of fact, fruit is a great way to get your energy flowing beautifully.  No, I’m talking about sugary sweets, candy and chocolate.  Do not consume these while nursing an energy hangover.  Eat pizza if you need a junk fix, but no sugary sweets.  Sugar has no vibrational energy at all, it’s dense as heck and will send you right back to bed, making it harder for your body to heal.

LIGHT FOOD: Try not to eat fried, or greasy foods as these lower your energies. I will never tell you not to eat meat as that is a personal choice and in some cases some people cannot sustain a vegan or vegetarian diet.  So, if you are a meat eater, opt for chicken or fish and some lightly grilled veggies.  If you are a vegetarian than the veggies or other plant protein is good to energize your body and get you rapidly vibrating again.

NO SMOKING: I don’t care if you’ve smoked for thirty years, it lowers your energy field and it should be avoided while healing an energy hangover. Smoke five packs the next day if you wish (although I highly recommend you quit)  just try to be kind to your body during the worst of this.

NO ALCOHOL:  There is no hair of the dog here so stay away from anything alcohol based.  I know this should be common sense but there really isn’t anything common about sense.  Alcohol lowers your energy fields and contributes to those already horrid feelings, so stay away!

EPSOM SALT BATH: Epsom salts remove negative energy and toxins from the body, and restore calm. Soaking in a tub with a cup of Epsom salts will remove any cords and cleanse your aura.  I recommend 20 minutes if you can tolerate it.

COLD SHOWER: Resetting the pituitary gland is so important for getting your energy back.  If you can tolerate 68-degree water, rinse your body allowing the cool water to run over your neck and down your back.  This stimulates your blood and gives you a much need boost in energy.

DEEP BREATHING:. I recommend inhaling deeply for a count of five and exhaling softly for a count of six.  Repeat this while sitting calmly on your bed or in a comfortable chair.

RESTORATIVE YOGA:  Not to be confused with trying to do every hard pose ever created Yoga. These poses are designed to calm and reset your entire body.  If you are unfamiliar with these poses, you can check them out here.

REST: This is the most important part. You MUST rest, as it is the only way to truly recuperate from your energy loss.


Lavender Oil: A few drops on the back of your neck and right under your nostrils can do wonders for relaxing into a restorative sleep.  If you can’t tolerate or are sensitive to oils, you can grab a lavender mask at any CVS or Duane Reade.

Sage: Burn that good ole sage to clear any unwanted negativity chords. This will clear away the dark energies and restore you to a clean aura. New to Sage? Now worries, read my blog post Sage: Why you can’t live without it.

It is so very important to take care of your energy fields.  They protect us from harm and keep us from getting ill.  The mind/body/spirit connection is far more powerful than we can even comprehend. Your health depends on making sure you are free and clear of energetic toxins.

The next time you are out and you start feeling unusually tired, tune into your body and see what you feel.  Our bodies are great at giving us messages.  When in doubt as to whether or not you are in the company of energy draining humans, trust that good old gut.  It will never lead you wrong.  Until next time…

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