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Toxic People, a slow poison we can’t stop drinking

We all have them.  Those people who have overstayed their welcome in our lives, who have not contributed much in the way of positivity and yet we insist on keeping them around.  In doing so we create a toxic cocktail which we all too willing drink. I've always wondered why we insist upon keeping these people in our lives?  I used to have quite a few people like this who brought me nothing but ... Read the Post

Those of us that are compassionate will often try to rationalize keeping these demons in our lives for fear of losing a friend.  But the truth is we are poisoning ourselves.  We are quite literally drinking a toxic emotional cocktail that robs us of our joy, self-respect, and happiness.  And yet, just like any other addiction, we keep coming back for more.

Why being vulnerable is awesome

"Don't cry, crying is a sign of weakness." "Don't be so emotional." "Learn how to hide your feelings." These are just a few examples of scripts that we have been told, or perhaps tell ourselves which can really wreak havoc on our sensitive souls.  We are made to believe, through these negative thoughts that there is something inherently wrong with us for feeling our emotions and god forbid, ... Read the Post

Your feelings, emotions, and expressions thereof make other people uncomfortable.  That's it.  Essentially these three phrases above (and many more) are designed to help the person you are being vulnerable to escape your emotions which they are not willing to deal with.  It has nothing to do with you as a person.  Nothing to do with your being weak, or emotionally unstable.  No, it has to do with other people not wanting to confront their own emotions by having to deal with yours.