Energy Vampires: Why they Suck

Ever been around someone and suddenly feel so exhausted you can’t even keep your eyes open? Or have you ever been with someone who by the end of the evening you find yourself fully engulfed by a migraine? If either of these has happened to you, you might have been in the company of an energetic vampire.

What is an energetic vampire?

Let’s start with the basics. Energy vampires are usually lower vibrating individuals who feed off the life force energy of higher vibrating people. This is sometimes being done on a conscious level but often times it’s unconscious. On a spiritual level, they are likely souls contracted to come here and force you (the empath) into learning to love yourself. After all, that is what most empaths are here to learn; love of self. I like to call them the teachers in the negative space.

On a human level, there are specific emotions that tend to rule energy vampires which makes them unable to control their urge to covet someone else’s beautiful light energy.

  1. Jealousy: Jealousy is a lower vibrating energy that causes quite a bit of drama for quite a large number of humans. If you don’t think jealousy is a powerful negative force just research how many people are murdered over it. Jealousy is the fear that someone will take what you have: spouse, partner, job, material possessions. It’s often most apparent in relationship settings where a person might be jealous of the attention their friend is getting from a certain admirer. It is a lower vibrating energy that can make people do irrational things and is not in your best interest to possess if you are seeking enlightenment.
  2. Envy: Many people think envy and jealousy are the same. There are similarities but there is a slight distinction. Envy is the desire to possess what someone else has. It has a more covetous nature, although jealousy can have that as well. Someone envies your life which make you a target of their rage.
  3. Fear: When human beings are afraid (which is most of the time), they seek to find solace, courage, safety, etc. in others. They no longer believe they have access to these things within themselves, so they inadvertently try and take them from those who help them.

Narcissists and Sociopaths are energetic vampires by nature, the latter being absolute soul suckers so steer clear from those personalities if you can, especially if you are a hypersensitive. Those dominating negative traits cane quite literally consume you. Empaths, it is okay to love people from afar, you don’t have to save every human you come across. You are here to learn to LOVE YOURSELF, focus your energy on that and allow another person to find their own way on the journey of life.

How to know if you are being victimized?

You won’t know you’ve been chorded until the physical symptoms arrive, and depending on the level of sensitivity per individual, that time can vary. In some (such as myself) they show up instantaneously. In others (such as my younger self) they can take a loooooong time before you notice them.

Here are few symptoms which are most common when dealing with energy vampires:

  1. Extreme Exhaustion:

I was once with a friend who was telling me his relationship woes. We went to lunch and I am not sure he took a breath. Because we were eating, I didn’t feel too overwhelmed by him. Later when we were hanging out at my apartment I started to feel queasy and tired. He was obsessed with talking about his love life and asking me questions about his future. I quite literally passed out right in front of him. Thankfully my roommate knew what was happening and asked him to leave before saging me and throwing me in a tub of Epsom salt.

2. Migraines:

I went to a party with a negative group of girls once, thinking that I needed to get out and socialize. On the way home I had such a pounding headache I knew I had to find a way out of that car. I asked the driver to pullover and vomited right there on park avenue. I walked the rest of the way home. Not surprisingly, my headache miraculously disappeared.

3. Anxiety:

Because so many people have floating anxiety, in general, it can be hard to distinguish if it’s your typical anxious self or an energy vampire silently chording you. Once I developed my spiritual practice, it became a lot easier to tune in to where the anxiety was coming from. Now I know if I am speaking to someone and I begin to feel anxious, I need to end the conversation.

4. Feelings of Unworthiness:

This is how an energy vampire ultimately gains control over you. They make you feel as though everything is your fault. “If you were like this, I would not do this.” OR “If you had this, looked like that, I would do this.” It is a very strategic play that these souls use in order to put you down. You must believe you are not worthy so you remain in their company and under their control. This part is likely conscious, as most of the ones I’ve been around are very calculating. The stronger you get the easier it is to see it.

Don’t get upset if you come in contact with an energy vampire and find yourself feeling terrible. Take a peek at How To Cure An Energy Hangover, it will help you get back in shape in no time.

The Silver Lining:

As always, there is a silver lining, one that once understood can really help you to get to the next level of healing. Everything that happens to us is by divine contract that we have orchestrated. There is a lesson behind all the good and bad that we perceive here in this earth school.

The lesson here is simple:

Love yourself. It is the lesson of all empaths and sensitives. Love yourself, you do matter and you are worthy.

Until Next Time…

Keep Seeking,



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