Jupiter in Retrograde: What you need to know

This year Jupiter is in retrograde in the Sagittarius from April 10th -August 11th.

Every-time someone says “retrograde” our hearts tend to skip a beat, the first thought being “oh crap now what.”

Before you start going down the path of frustration take a deep breath and relax.

Jupiter goes retrograde every year for four months which is a much longer transit that that pesky little Mercury who tortures us for 3-4 weeks three times a year.

Jupiter is the largest planet, and is known as the planet of positivity, luck, and wisdom. It rules the areas of spirituality, growth success and of course, Karma.

As with all retrogrades, this is a time for reflection, a revisiting of some of the lessons you have not quite mastered, especially dealing with karmic lessons.

We come to Earth to learn important lessons and the planets support this journey. Through contemplative reflection you can correct and adjust anything which may be holding you back.

If you feel stuck in your life, this is a good time to take a hard look at how you can change that; what needs to be healed, changed or revisited.

When Jupiter goes retrograde it doesn’t mean your luck will run out. Luck continues to happen, through changes you are implementing.

And just because you are learning lessons, doesn’t mean those lessons are necessarily bad.

Embracing our lessons and making the necessary changes to finally learn from them is what Jupiter going retrograde hopes to inspire.

If we have done the healing work required during the retrograde, when Jupiter finally goes direct we can step onto our new path with a renewed joie de vivre. Jupiter will then rain its blessings upon you bringing you happily along to the next phase of your journey.

While I know this sounds unbelievably amazing and will actually make some of you look forward to a retrograde, it only works if you work it. This is not the time to get lazy and only think about improving our lives. That’s right, you have to put in the effort to make the changes you want to see.

Deal with the karmic lessons, make the necessary changes and embrace the beautiful luck the universe wishes to bestow upon you. For when the god of all planets smiles upon you again all that work will have been worth it.

Keep Seeking,


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