Sometimes we cry

Crying is not a sign of weakness, yet many of us have been taught that it is. We’ve been told that crying demonstrates to those who have hurt us (and to ourselves) that we are easily wounded and in some cases may provoke further emotional torture at the hands of our tormentors.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Crying is one of the most cathartic forms of healing the body knows how to perform. And it is a sign of great strength for those who are seeking to express their true feelings.

It’s a release of all the things that we have been holding inside of us for fear that we are weak if we should say those things truly bothered us.

Crying is the best form of medicine and if you suffer from panic/anxiety or depression it is the one emotion that can set you free from the torment of thoughts and emotions that are no longer serving you.

We tend to repress things that make us feel bad; anger, grief, sadness and fear all get bottled up inside our cells causing premature aging and stress related illness. Many healers have noted that dis-ease is a state in the body where there is turmoil, thus causing illness.

But crying can help. It may not be the cure all for depression or anxiety but it can certainly help release deep rooted emotional traumas that have been silently stealing your happiness for years.

In high energy astrological times likes new moons, eclipses and retrogrades, the spirit may push the body forward even more than usual in order to be done with those toxic emotions once and for all.

Like most humans we resist this urge to release, internalizing everything that has happened to us, creating the false belief that we are somehow to blame. This vicious cycle continues often times for years until our bodies become overrun with toxic emotions thereby releasing in panic attacks.

Through my battle with panic/anxiety I learned that if I just let those emotions go with a good cry, I could often feel better. I liked to grab a pillow and scream into it is there was something really upsetting on my mind.

Sure, its not fun to sit around crying and weeping loudly, BUT is it NOT weak. It’s the strong, healthy thing to do.

Your body will need to rest on days you have a good cry, and what is wrong with that? On days that I cry, I just let it rip and rest. I cry for anything and everything my body wishes to release for transmutation and healing. I take excellent care of myself and abstain from excess exercise, work or chores that might add stress to my weary body.

Your body is the best doctor and knows exactly what to do to help you heal. Don’t be afraid to let go of anything and everything that doesn’t serve you. Don’t be afraid to say that something or someone hurt your feelings.

In those moments you are feeling attacked by others, lonely, scared overwhelmed or just emotional, its OK to give yourself permission to cry. Tell yourself what a beautiful, strong human you are and let those tears fall.

Take care of you, and as always, keep seeking.



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