3 Things No One Will Ever Tell You About Forgiveness

To forgive or not to forgive, that is the question.

Many of us have been hurt by people in our lives, multiple times, to varying degrees, in this lifetime and in lifetimes past.

While we stew in our bitterness for those pains that others have inflicted upon us, there is always, without exception, someone who reminds us that it is always better to forgive, let go and move on.

While all that is true, there are some things about forgiveness we need to know before we can jump head in and do it.

True Forgiveness Takes Time

All families deal with karma. In my family abuse, betrayal, and abandonment are at the forefront.

In my most recent go around with family it has taken me almost two and a half years to forgive.

There is a lot of processing that goes with forgiveness. Working through our emotions, thoughts and feelings associated with the hurt takes a long time to reconcile.

And while it is in fact a process, it is not without its ups and downs, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Take your time. You are not expected to forgive right away. If you are highly meditated and have come to your own evolution being able to do that, then bravo and kudos to you. But for most of us, forgiveness will take time.


Forgiveness Is For Them

I used to cringe when thinking about forgiving actions I thought unforgivable.

I couldn’t imagine forgiving them or speaking to them again after what they had done.

My spirit guide and I had it out many times over the power of forgiveness as I could not see how allowing someone that had done so much harm should be let off the hook.

And right there is the catch.

Letting them “off the hook” is exactly what we should do to free ourselves from the energetic (and sometimes karmic) ties we have created with our abusers.

We allow them to go on their way and most importantly we free ourselves from being tied to them through anger, rage, pain and resentment.

One of the best unbinding spells I’ve ever come across teaches us just that. You can read it here.

Forgiveness raises consciousness

This one is especially important because it is not something everyone will talk about.

The path to healing ourselves and the planet involves forgiveness, not just of each other, but of our own mistakes as well.

It isn’t coincidence that all the great enlightened masters spoke of the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the path to love and love is the most powerful energy in the universe.

The compassion that comes along with forgiving ourselves and others is HUGE and it make a GINORMOUS impact on the collective consciousness.

As we are in the process of ascending, forgiveness is something those in the spirit world not only encourage us to do, but applaud us for doing.

And if you think they’re not watching, you’re dead wrong. They’re always watching…except when we’re in the bathroom 😉

Remember that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to like or accept what another person has done to you.

It also doesn’t mean you have to accept them back into your life.

True forgiveness is the act of setting yourself and others free, and in this life, there is nothing better than freedom.

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