Manifesting Prosperity

There are many schools of thought when it comes to manifesting things we desire.

All of them involve some sort of affirmation to the universe to bless us in a way that can change our life circumstances for the better.

And so, we follow this path and do as we are told. We write in journals, we create vision boards, we pray each night, light candles, and throw cards to see how it’s all going to work out.

In some cases, we might be successful using these means, and I will encourage you to use them as part of your manifestation tools, but not to rely on them alone for creation.

Creating prosperity in our lives is dependent on three factors, each equally important to master if we want to be instant manifestors of abundance.

So let’s take a look at it!


The past, present, and future all exist simultaneously but we can only perceive the present.

“I wish, I want, I am going to or I will,” are all phrases that denote a future timeline. Since we can only access the dimension of time known as the present, affirming our prosperity using wants, and wishes keep those things just out of our reach.

Let’s say you wish to manifest a new car. You run out into the arms of the universe and say, “I want a new car!”  And the universe takes that in as a want. 

The energy of wanting leads to more wanting because the universe is neutral. It reflects back to you what you put out to it. So wanting does not lead to receiving. Needing is the same thing. “I really need money.” Keep telling the universe you really need money and you will continue to attract more situations where you need money.

When you affirm “I have a new, beautiful car,” you have brought your attention and awareness to the present. And it is only in the present that we can begin to manifest the life we truly want to live.

When people say “fake it till you make it,” there is a truth in that. Living in the present as though you’ve already received your desire is paramount to receiving blessings from the divine.



This is the one many people have a hard time with which is why they find manifesting prosperity so trying.

In order to truly manifest, you must allow your creation energy to come into being. How do you accomplish this?

Through emotion.

The gift to humanity is our ability to emote.

Once you’ve clearly affirmed your new life, or desire in the present moment, you must feel the emotion of having already received it.

There are two emotions I’ve noticed really move things along when it comes to manifesting prosperity. I spoke about this in Cracking the Abundance Code.

Joy and Gratitude

This is really the most important part. It’s the key to unlocking infinite abundance and possibilities in your life.

Gratitude for all we have opens the doors to receive more abundance.

Look at your home and bless everything you have even if you aren’t where you “want” to be.  Remember, some people don’t have homes.

Bless your boss and co-workers because some people struggle to find work.

Thank the universe for the opportunity to greet each new day. Many don’t get that chance.


Humans are creatures that have evolved to expect instant gratification.

Therefore, when we begin our affirmation practice and we don’t see results immediately we give up.

This leads to more frustration and anger. And If we’ve learned anything, from the above, we know that negative emotions will send you right back into manifesting everything you don’t want in your life. Mastering your thoughts is an important part of this.

It takes around 70 days to create new neural pathways. So you’ve got to stick with it for over a month before you will see any real change.

And seeing as you cannot manifest true prosperity until you change the way you think and feel, it is totally worth it to stick with it!!


One final thing we must meditate on before we get to manifesting our dreams and desires.

Is what we want from life really what we need from it? This is the question we must ask ourselves before we allow our egos to go buck wild.

Because the key to true prosperity is manifesting what is in alignment for our highest good. Our souls know what’s best for us. Our egos have no idea.

We may think we want one thing but then the universe sends us something else, something more in alignment with what we truly need. And that thing is more than we could have ever wanted! Or even imagined!

So as you start your practice make sure you allow the universe to bless you with more than you could imagine. Don’t put too many details on how things should go. Get your mind into manifestation mode and watch it all flow.

Below are a few examples of how to talk to the universe.

  • I am in perfect health and well-being.
  • My needs are taken care of.
  • I always have what I need and more.
  • I am prosperous and abundant in all ways.

Change them to whatever resonates for you. Do them every day along with your other spiritual practices to get those neuropathways running in prosperity mode.

And remember, what we want is not always what we need. But what we need can oftentimes be what we truly wanted all along.

Keep Seeking,




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