I Am Human

I am human. I am not perfect or always kind. I have thoughts; some wonderful, some terrifying and some that I wish I didn't have. I can be quick to anger but fast to forgive. I've loved, been loved, AM love, and yet I find it hard to love myself. I sometimes let careless words hurt me and can spew careless words that hurt others. I am afraid of being weak even when I'm ... Read the Post

I've loved, been loved, AM love, and yet I find it hard to love myself. I want to live in joy but fear what might happen if I just let go...I am human.

Sometimes we cry

Crying is not a sign of weakness, yet many of us have been taught that it is. We've been told that crying demonstrates to those who have hurt us (and to ourselves) that we are easily wounded and in some cases may provoke further emotional torture at the hands of our tormentors. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Crying is one of the most cathartic forms of healing the body knows how ... Read the Post

We tend to repress things that make us feel bad; anger, grief, sadness and fear clog our healthy cells causing premature aging and stress related illness. Many healers have mentioned that dis-ease is a state in the body where there is turmoil, thus causing illness.

Jupiter in Retrograde: What you need to know

This year Jupiter is in retrograde in the Sagittarius from April 10th -August 11th. Every-time someone says "retrograde" our hearts tend to skip a beat, the first thought being "oh crap now what." Before you start going down the path of frustration take a deep breath and relax. Jupiter goes retrograde every year for four months which is a much longer transit that that pesky little ... Read the Post