Warrior Thy Name Is Mother

Let's get right to it shall we? Anyone who has given birth to a child is a Mother-f***ing Warrior. That's right...a warrior. I liken the experience to the Triple Goddess which was the subject of much writing by mythologer and writer Robert Graves. According to some Neopagans there are three stages a woman must pass through before her return to the spirit world. The Triple Goddess is frequently ... Read the Post

The first time I knew I could kill was when I was pregnant. No weapons necessary. The amount of strength and endurance you have is only matched by maybe superman and he could never tolerate the process of giving birth.

It’s Only Temporary

I've lived many lives. No, I'm not referring to past lives, though I have been fortunate enough to learn quite a bit about my soul from past life regressions. What I'm talking about is living many lives in this life. If you think about how many jobs you've had, friends, family, etc. it's enough to feel as though you've lived a thousand lifetimes. I set out on this journey called life 38 years ... Read the Post

"What the fuck am I going to do now?" Everyone whom I spoke to at that time said the same thing," Don't worry. It's only temporary."