How To Use The Love And Kindness Practice In The Workplace

The workplace is often the toughest place to engage in your spiritual practice. With tons of personalities and high stress due to the demands of day to day existence, the workplace can not only become an impossible place to find peace, but it can also become a place that breeds toxicity. While we can't be responsible for the behavior of others, we can be responsible for our own. One of ... Read the Post

Offer love and kindness to everyone and everything in your life including businesses, projects, jobs, anything you wish to have the best possible outcome for. Be sure to include those who don't wish you well and those you consider enemies. This is most important! To change this negative vibration between you, you must offer this mantra to those who impact your life negatively as well as positively.

Be happy for other peoples wins

Your friend just got that job she was waiting for. You've been unemployed for the last three months and when her chipper voice rings out over the phone to tell you about her good news you immediately feel upset. "Why her? Why does she always get everything she wants? What about me?" I had a friend like this, whenever something wonderful happened for me, she would be come instantly jealous ... Read the Post

Living in a universe that quite literally pulls everything toward you that you vibrate with, being in a constant state of unhappiness will only attract more of that to you.

3 Things No One Will Ever Tell You About Forgiveness

To forgive or not to forgive, that is the question. Many of us have been hurt by people in our lives, multiple times, to varying degrees, in this lifetime and in lifetimes past. While we stew in our bitterness for those pains that others have inflicted upon us, there is always, without exception, someone who reminds us that it is always better to forgive, let go and move on. While all ... Read the Post

My spirit guide and I had it out many times over the power of forgiveness as I could not see how allowing someone that had done so much harm should be let off the hook. Letting them "off the hook" is exactly what we should do to free ourselves from the energetic (and sometimes karmic) ties we have created with our abusers.