The Danger of Words

We have all been on the receiving end of texts, emails, calls, or fights where things were said to or about us, that no matter how the situation resolved, left an open wound of distrust.

And we ourselves have delivered those blows to people, unjust, and without thinking, slaying them callously with our serpent tongues.

For many of us, our tongues are the master and us its servant, slaves to what it speaks in our name, unable to stop it from wagging.

Facing The Fear of Death

“Ask yourself this: Where do babies come from that when they arrive, they scream and cry uncontrollably after taking their first breath.  And where do those who are dying return to that their faces relax peacefully as they take their last breath?”

Hope Floats

Hope.  It’s a word that carries a powerful expression of faith.  When we keep our hopes up, we remain in constant connection with the vibration of trust, and a desire for good.

Lately, it feels as though hope has hidden from us, retreating to the darkness of uncertainty as to whether help, healing and recuse may ever come.

Dying to Return to Love

We have been asleep, wrapped in a blanket of narcissism, and greed as we lay upon a mattress of self-deception.  
But now we are suddenly awake.  
Money, power, and security cannot seem to shake us from this nightmare, all of it threatened on a global scale.
There is a sudden upheaval as death, the great equalizer of man vanquishes all in its path leveling the playing field. 
As we are confronted with facing our own mortality something deep inside the collective consciousness is shifting.