How Anxiety Taught Me To Live

THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH. I’ve suffered from panic/anxiety disorder since 2009 when I experienced my first panic attack in the Brooklyn/Battery Tunnel.  My ears started ringing, my hands shook, and my legs trembled so much I could not keep my foot on the gas.  I thought I was having a heart attack at […]

HOLD THE LIGHT. Why your being here is important to the Earth

Human beings have been trying to escape the pain of three-dimensional reality for eons.  Yes, versions of us have been walking this planet for hundreds of thousands of years (apologies to those who believe it all began 3000 years ago) and in that time we have gone through massive evolutions.  This era is no different. […]

The Danger of Words

We have all been on the receiving end of texts, emails, calls, or fights where things were said to or about us, that no matter how the situation resolved, left an open wound of distrust.

And we ourselves have delivered those blows to people, unjust, and without thinking, slaying them callously with our serpent tongues.

For many of us, our tongues are the master and us its servant, slaves to what it speaks in our name, unable to stop it from wagging.

Facing The Fear of Death

“Ask yourself this: Where do babies come from that when they arrive, they scream and cry uncontrollably after taking their first breath.  And where do those who are dying return to that their faces relax peacefully as they take their last breath?”