My Story


I am an author, writer, and filmmaker living on the east coast.  I’ve been enamored with occult mysticism ever since I received my first deck of tarot cards at fifteen. Over the years, I developed an obsession with the unknown, seeking out what lies beyond our sensory perception. I’ve spent years speaking to healers, shamans, reiki masters, mediums, clairvoyants, clairsentients, and clairaudients from all over the world trying to solve the riddle of my own existence.

What I discovered, I share here in this blog for you to experience as well. These are tales from my spiritual journey. A few insights into what I learned along the way and a peek into what I am still learning.  Take anything that resonates with you, and ignore what doesn’t vibe. We are all vibration after all, and not everything we read we can relate to. 🙂

While the path to discovering my truth was not without suffering, I learned that the path to illumination lies within, love is all there is, and the truth will always reveal itself to the initiate who is ready to accept it.

Keep Seeking,


The Psychic Junkie