American Psycho

  It often happens in this wonderful world of intimate connections, that we meet someone whom, be it on the internet, or in person, we fall instantly.  It's like this person just stepped out of our dreams with all the details of the perfect mate.  Their pearly white teeth sparkle in the sunlight, their eyes gleam, they say the right things...they are just perfect. One day many moons ... Read the Post

Now looking back, there was of course some very suspicious behavior, but it was nothing that I really paid much attention to.  When it comes to matters of the heart, I was more La vie en rose.  An it was going to take quite a punch in the gut to get those rose colored glasses off.

The Liar, the Bitch and the BJ: Part II

"He's lying," Said Scarlett without so much as a pause.  "Whatever line of crap he is giving you ... it is all a lie." It had been two days since my boyfriend Matt came back from LA with a little secret that with the help of my psychic Scarlet and my best friend was being slowly revealed. I looked at the number written on my notepad.  Brigit.  I could call her and find out what really ... Read the Post

"Steph.  Who cares.  She is one on a long list of many.  I know you are hoping that somehow you can led the charge on the "I am Woman" movement but you might be in for a bigger fight then you anticipate."  

The Liar, the Bitch and the BJ: Part 1

Our story begins in a little town above Mexico called Los Angeles.  It is here that Matt (my now very ex-boyfriend)  meets a girl we will call *Brigit.  While the details of Brigit and Matt are not important, what is important was how I found out about them. It was 10am and Matt should have been on a flight back home.  I hadn't heard a word from him since 4pm the day before. I called his ... Read the Post

While Matt slept (albeit not well) he had no idea that this little "situation" was far from over as a matter of fact, the wrath of the Psychic Junkie had only just begun ...