The Past Is The Past…Or Is it?

In this beautiful time of the New Age Movement, past life regressions have become as trendy as yoga.  It seems like everywhere you go, someone has had one, seen one, or wants one.  I was no different.  Suffering from debilitating anxiety, I had heard through the grapevine that one might be cured of said anxieties by going back through time and healing the past.  Being an avid reader, and a huge ... Read the Post

As I began to relax I felt myself through time landing in Egypt.  I was shocked at how beautiful it was.  There was far more greenery than I expected and beautiful channels of water that made the view rather incredible.  I could remember feeling the sun on my face and being able to smell the air.  It didn't feel like as dream as all my senses were fully engaged and actively perceiving  this snapshot of time.

Reshuffle. Reshuffle. Reshuffle

    It is the plight of every great psychic when they are giving a reading, to have the person on the receiving end become less than thrilled with the outcome.  After all, most people aren't looking for the truth, they are waiting to be told what they want to hear. My dear friend Bertha had asked me to take her to see a very good psychic in the Bronx who we will call ... Read the Post