Kindness: A lesson I learned from my son

My son is 22 months old.  That's right, not even 2 years old.  Yet he is the most intelligent, kindest soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm not just saying that because he is mine.  I'm saying it because it's true. Being the junkie I am, I naturally had a reading done fore him while he was in utero. "What a doll! He is going to do a lot of wonderful things in his life, mostly to ... Read the Post

"Every day hundreds of people walk by me, they throw money at my feet, look at me with disgust, pity or shame, but never once do they say hello.  Your son has given more to me today than any amount of money could ever have.  God bless you and your family, and especially that little boy."

Darkness to Light

Back in June of 2017 I found myself in one of the most devastating places of my life.  Abandoned by my father for the second time in my life, my entire world got flipped upside down.  The rug had been pulled out from under me and my family and it would seem that we were left to drown. It has always been the darkest moments for me that lead me to rise to the very best of occasions.  I have never ... Read the Post

"Where there was sadness, there will be joy.  Where there was loss, there will be abundance.  Where there was fear, there will be love.  Where there was darkness, there will be light."

Live Through Your Heart

My most recent foray into the world of the unknown was via a lovely woman we'll call Kayla.  As per usual, I was pacing restlessly in my home, jonesing for a psychic fix.  As I've gotten older, my time between readings has gotten significantly shorter.  Perhaps this is due to my new found trust of my own gift, or my refusal to pay the ridiculous fees often associated with sub par talent. So ... Read the Post

"Honey, when we die, and we all finally go to the other side, no one there cares how much money we had, how insta-famous we were, how many parties we went to, how many people liked us on FB or how many phony baloney friendships we had, all they wanna know is how much did you love?